Re: desktop resolution

There is a Gnome-panel applet called quickres which lets you switch
between resolutions similar to the windows quickres program.
But for it to work you need to have defined valid resoltions through
your x-configuration tool. Enter setup at the command line and choose

The applet can be found here:


DG ITALIA srl wrote:

> Hi!
> My name is Roberto and I come frome Italy.
> Sorry but I am really a beginner, or better, something sooner than a
> beginner! I installed my red Hat 6.1 just 1 hour ago...
> I have this really easy problem, but without solution for me at the
> moment:
> I need to change my desktop resolution to 800x600 (now is 640 x 480).
> I am really sorry for the easy question, but really I didn't find a
> solution
> yet reading the manual and also the faqs!
> May you help me?
> Thank you very much
> Roberto

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