Re: Colours Under Solaris

see /usr/sbin/m64config, you can run it as user.
/usr/sbin/m64config -propt
/usr/sbin/m64config -prconf
/usr/sbin/m64config -depth 24 -res 1152x900

my own config
$ /usr/sbin/m64config -propt

--- OpenWindows Configuration for /dev/fbs/m640 ---
OWconfig: machine
Video Mode: 1152x900x76
Depth: 24

And I have no color problem.
You have to know that first U5 model, can't get this config
even in 1024x768, you will need 800x600 to get 24 in depth.

If you have to get 8 bits only, use window maker that is
configurable for the number of color it uses and see the
command lines options od netscape.
good luck
PS: I don't remember if m64config exists under 2.5 (?)

Rasaki Bidemi Bolanle Temidire wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> I am having a colour or lack thereof problem on my Sun Ultra 5 station that
> is running
> Solaris 2.5.1 (soon to be upgraded to Solaris 2.6).
> The deal is this.  I like using NEdit to do my C++ and other coding.  I
> like the syntax
> highlighting feaure.  The problem is that it can't get any colours under
> Enlightenment
> and GNOME to highlight the syntax of the code with.  This happens
> regardless of
> whether I am running Netscape or XMMS or not.  What is taking up all the
> colours
> and how can I free some up for NEdit?  I thoguht that I would try using
> WindowMaker
> instead of Enlightenment but it starts up complaing about not having enough
> colours
> for this and that so I can even thing of bringing up NEdit under it.
> Can anyone help me solve this dilemma?  I would appreciate any input.
> Bidemi Temidire
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