Colours Under Solaris

Hi Everyone,

I am having a colour or lack thereof problem on my Sun Ultra 5 station that
is running
Solaris 2.5.1 (soon to be upgraded to Solaris 2.6).

The deal is this.  I like using NEdit to do my C++ and other coding.  I
like the syntax
highlighting feaure.  The problem is that it can't get any colours under
and GNOME to highlight the syntax of the code with.  This happens
regardless of
whether I am running Netscape or XMMS or not.  What is taking up all the
and how can I free some up for NEdit?  I thoguht that I would try using
instead of Enlightenment but it starts up complaing about not having enough
for this and that so I can even thing of bringing up NEdit under it.

Can anyone help me solve this dilemma?  I would appreciate any input.

Bidemi Temidire

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