Re: Some WM observations (Sawmill).

George Farris wrote:
> Kudos on the Sawmill work.  I have found a few things that are
> highly annoying with Sawmill.
> 1) If I have a panel running, specially a menu panel on the top of
> the screen, I should be able to configure Sawmill to NEVER go over a
> panel.  Window Maker does this with it's dock and icons at the
> bottom of the screen and it is heaven.  Window Maker will never
> cover up either it's dock or the the icons.
> 2)  Cascading window placement.  If I open up a new window in
> Sawmill, I never know where it's going to be placed and find myself
> moving all over the screen.  In Window Maker (ya I know) it can be
> set for cascading style of placement and it works very well.  Now I
> realize there are different placement settings in Sawmill but none
> of them really give me the cascading style which for some reason
> just seem to work well.
> 3)  Clicking on a minimized app in the menu of Window Maker,
> maximizes that app and switches to the desktop that its on, very
> nice.
> 4) An easy way to set an app to start only on workspace N.
> 5) A Window Manager should never map a window part way off the
> screen unless you say it's ok.  It's the biggest piss off in the
> world having a dialog box come up but having to move it before you
> can hit the "OK" button.
> Maybe I've missed seeing how to do some of these things, I don't
> know.  Definitely point no.1 needs working on there is nothing wore
> than having to fight your window manager to see your panels.
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I would like if a windowmanager could ignore mapping windows to selected
regions; this would be killer for those /w Xinerama and mixed

Eric Windisch
"I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous."

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