Re: MC version 4.5.53

> [root@grego1 SOURCES]# rpm -ts mc-4.5.43.tar.gz 
> error: failed build dependencies:
> 	stylesheets   is needed by mc-4.5.43-1
> [root@grego1 SOURCES]# 
> Is it mad because of some documentation thing?  Most of my DocBook tools are
> installed via tarballs, since I couldn't find/make working RPMs for the
> things that I wanted.  Thanks for any tips,

Yep, it is mad because of some "documentation" thing. In particular it
couldn't find the stylesheets rpm because, as you said, you might have
installed it via rpm's.

Go to for the latests rpm's of
the docbook tools you'll need to compile gnome documentation.

The required ones are :


The extra one's are :

	sgml-tools	= extra tools
	jadetex		= making tex files
	psgml		= emacs major mode

Good luck.

	= L

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