RE: MC version 4.5.53

Thanks for putting a link in pub/GNOME/stable/latest/sources, that makes the
directory structure useful.  Now, if everybody could just do that. 8^]  So,
what's the deal with mc and RPM?  I haven't been able to build RPMs because
it requires something called "stylesheets", which I haven't been able to
find.  Here's an exact quote:

[root@grego1 SOURCES]# rpm -ts mc-4.5.43.tar.gz 
error: failed build dependencies:
	stylesheets   is needed by mc-4.5.43-1
[root@grego1 SOURCES]# 

Is it mad because of some documentation thing?  Most of my DocBook tools are
installed via tarballs, since I couldn't find/make working RPMs for the
things that I wanted.  Thanks for any tips,

Gregory Leblanc               A+ Certified Technician
Concordia University
Network Support Specialist

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