New and updated packages for TurboLinux 6.x

Hi, I have updated the TurboLinux 6.x packages with the following
additions/updates, hope they are of interest, those packages that are
updates to already existing TL packages are using updated versions of
the original SPEC files. This means that Japanese and Chinese users
should still get their translated descriptions:

Gnome-Utils 1.0.51                          (Many Gnome Utilities)
Midnight Commander 1.5.42             (File Manager)
Gnome-Python 1.0.52                       (Python language Bindings)
Libglade 0.12                                      (Dynamic GUI library)

Gnucash 1.3.2                                    (Quicken like Personal
Finance program)
Sawmill 0.25.2
(WindowManager,Including librep 0.12.1 og repgtk-0.9.1 (Lisp libraries
and bindings)
Dia 0.84                                             (Visio like Diagram
tool.Removed the Gnome-print support on request from James Henstridge)
Glade 0.5.7                                        (GUI development
Sodipodi 0.17                                     (Vector Drawing
Program, early in development.)
gIDE 0.1.7                                          (Integrated
Development Environment)
gnomba 0.6.2                                      (The gnome Samba
Toutdoux 1.1.8                                    (Project Mangement
Tool, similar to MS Project)
x-chat 1.4.1                                        (Chat program)

They can be found at:

Christian Schaller

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