Re: Helix Gnome Observations...

> One other request for the menu panels. I also would like to see it be
> moveable to the for edges of the screen like the rest of the panels. 

Really, my first thought is, why not have the menu panel be a regular
panel?  It could be a panel in "tiny" mode with menus added.  Then you 
could customize it like any other panel.  It would be nice to add
your own customized, labeled menus to a panel anyway.  With the
additions being made to the panel, another fitting addition would be
the ability to define your own type of panel.  These could be
system-wide definitions or user definitions.  So the "menu panel"
would be just a panel type definition.  You could just as easily
define a tasklist panel with start menu (i.e. Win9X/NT/2K style).  So
you could right click a panel and select "create new panel" then
you'd have those options (menu panel and tasklist panel) to choose
from.  You could define a corner panel with the minilauncher full of
commonly used applications as a system-wide panel definition.  Then
users of your system could add that already defined panel to their
desktop environment.  From there they could customize it to their
hearts content.  

Why stop at the panel.  How about being able to define drawer types
(including what launchers are in the drawers), menus, etc.  

Jamin Philip Gray

O what a heaven is love! O what a hell!

--Thomas Dekker

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