Transparent panel,applets (was: helix update)

"jack wallen, jr" wrote:
> ran helix update today and it worked like a charm!  man every time i start
> playing around with helix-gnome i'm more and more impressed!  i have a
> question....there was talk about transparent themes for the panel for a
> while.  is this every going to happen?  also...when you change the hiding

Recently there was a question asking if tranparent applets were
possible, but a transparent panel (like in Eterm, gnome-terminal)
would be cool too. Then you could have transparent applets on a
transparent panel :)

I do not recall discussion of a transparent panel, but I would vote
for it to go on the wishlist.

Transparent applets are possible, especially after the next gnome-core
release. (There is a bug in 1.1.5 breaking transparent applets that
are not square)

A screen shot showing a few applets (in progress) that support
transparency is here:

Some will be available after the 1.1.6 gnome-core release, but not
before for the reason already stated above.


John Ellis <>

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