Re: helix update program

I have never been completely successful at getting the helix update program
to work for me.  It starts and runs, but the installation fails each time at
a different point without a good explaination as to why so I don't know
where to begin troubleshooting it.

The most I receive is "network error."  After that, the program crashes when
I try to restart the installation.  Has anyone else had this problem?  I
know that this is "Linux" and a "work in progress" and all that, but if
people do not bring up that they are having a problem, even if it turns out
the problem is local only to them, it just might be a problem that people
other than the developers are experiencing and should be brought to their

We are building Linux and its environment.  Let's take it a little more
serious and keep the development moving.  Microsoft listens to the highest
bidders (usually only themselves) but Linux developers listen to everyone...
be heard.

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Subject: helix update program

> I have downloaded the helix update program. It works, when I am
> connected to the Internet and working as root. If I am working as a
> user it will show me a message, saying that I have to be root to run
> it and quit. As root (not online) it will not show anything but a
> "cannot find database..." or something similar.
> This program is supposed to be userfriendly, which I don´t think it
> is.
> What do you think?
> Another thing: if I rightclick on the root window, a menue appears.
> But it won´t go away again. The opposite is the case. It will create
> more right click menues until the screen is virtually crowded with
> these menues. Plus there is another nuisance. My desktop icons. I can
> drag my home directory icon and drop it and a new icon appears on the
> desktop. Sometimes I have 3 or 4 home-desktop icons lying around plus
> 2-3 icons for the gnome website ...
> Is this a behavior only happening on my desktop? Is it fixed in some
> late gnome-version? Is it a gmc, gnome-libs bug?
> Olaf
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