helix update program

I have downloaded the helix update program. It works, when I am
connected to the Internet and working as root. If I am working as a
user it will show me a message, saying that I have to be root to run
it and quit. As root (not online) it will not show anything but a
"cannot find database..." or something similar. 

This program is supposed to be userfriendly, which I don´t think it

What do you think?

Another thing: if I rightclick on the root window, a menue appears.
But it won´t go away again. The opposite is the case. It will create
more right click menues until the screen is virtually crowded with
these menues. Plus there is another nuisance. My desktop icons. I can
drag my home directory icon and drop it and a new icon appears on the
desktop. Sometimes I have 3 or 4 home-desktop icons lying around plus
2-3 icons for the gnome website ...

Is this a behavior only happening on my desktop? Is it fixed in some
late gnome-version? Is it a gmc, gnome-libs bug?


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