Re: ALSA and esound

On Sun, 12 Mar 2000, Spauldo da Hippie wrote:

> I've lost a lot of my mail, so I can't go back through and see if this was
> mentioned on the list.
> I'm running ALSA 0.5.5 (libs, driver, and utils).  It don't seem to work
> for me, but that's not your problem.  It does compile and install just
> fine.
> The problem I run into is that esound doesn't seem to work with ALSA
> whatsoever.  I get the following when trying to compile it:

The immediate problem is that esound's ALSA support hasn't been
"fixed" for the latest ALSA version.

The bigger problem is that ALSA's API and implementation are not anywhere
near stable, so trying to have a program use ALSA is like trying to swat a

-- Elliot
"Moron of the week" for four years running

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