Re: Patch for gnome-libs

> We were talking about this in the Labs the other day and almost
> patched the RH RPMs. We should not be dumping stuff directly under
> /usr/share, it should be going in /usr/share/gnome/.

Actually, I think it ought to be in /usr/share/gtk. After all, the gtkrc
file is part of gtk, which can and is used without gnome. In addition, 
gtk themes should be moved from /usr/share/themes to /usr/share/gtk/themes,
and /usr/share/applets ought to be under /usr/share/gnome/applets. And
the list goes on. My point is that a lot of the files are spread all over
the place, and needs to be organized in a tighter tree. But this is a start,
and I agree that it should be fully sorted out before 2.0. It's probably
too late for 1.2, but 1.4 I think is a good target.

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