Re: Balsa running - sort of

On Tue, 7 Mar 2000, Paul Lewis wrote:

> Pleased to say I have got Balsa up and running. But have a few points of 
> unease about the install,
> firstly, the installation routine put the binary in the user/local/bin 
> and various librarys were 
> located in the /usr/local/lib directory. When running Balsa the system 
> refused to work complaining
> that it was unable to find certain libraries.
> Well I moved the libraries into the /usr/lib directory and Balsa into 
> the /usr/bin directory and 
> that seems to work, although I can run Balsa from either the /usr/bin or 
> usr/local/bin directories
> equally well.
> My question how should it be configured?
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Well its not a problem with Balsa, its a problem in your system
configuration. For example, I guess you are using RH. Now in RH,
/usr/local/bin and /usr/local/lib, both aren't included in the default
paths (I'm sure about the /usr/local/lib, but I think /usr/local/bin is).
So thats why it can't run it. 
To add /usr/local/bin to your default path, just append it to your
environment variable, PATH. I believe you do know how to do that.
To add /usr/local/lib to you default lib path, do it by adding it to your
/etc/ and type ldconfig as root. Then it'll be added to your
default library path.

I Think that should be enough.


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