Re: gtkhtml

On Thu, 29 Jun 2000 15:26:59 +0200, Daniel Veillard said:

>  In the case of an integrated setup like gnome where a lot of apps

Ah, and here we come to the root of the issue.	"In an integrated setup
like GNOME"

I don't run GNOME.. I don't use GNOME applications.  Many of my users are
the same way.  SO... If GtkHTML is part of the "integrated setup like
gnome"	then it SHOULD be renamed, GNOMEHTML and there is plenty of room
for a TRUE Gtk-HTML widget (such as CscHTML)

>  > By the way, it is just this sort of attitude on behalf of Helix
>  personel that
>  > caused this fork in the first place...
>    I think Federico can feel the right to debunk you, not because he's
>  an Helix employee, but due to his knowledge/hacking history/... Not
>  at all the same thing.

Debunking is one thing... Name calling and pointless pontification is

>     relax,

I am completely relaxed.  Confident in the place CscHTML has in the
developmental landscape.

One must understand something... I do not doubt the need for a GNOME HTML
widget.  I think the developers of GtkHTML are doing a good thing.  I do,
however, dislike being misled by the NAME GtkHTML.  I also needed a
NON-GNOME html widget with the power of GtkHTML.  So I forked one... 
Again, this is not (nor should it ever have degraded to..) a GtkHTML vs
CscHTML debate.  I have a problem with the NAME gtkhtml as it is
misleading.  I do NOT have a problem with the widget.

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