Re: GNOME won't start

On Fri, Jun 09, 2000 at 03:19:24PM +0300, Patric Ionescu wrote:
> Hi !
> As I am new to this list, allow me to introduce myself.
> My name is Patric Ionescu, and I am a software programmer from Romania,
> Eastern Europe.
> Usually I work with Windows, but I want to get used to Linux development.
> I have installed RedHat 6.1 but cannot get GNOME to work. It just displays
> some welcome screen, then nothing. I can only shut down the X server
> with CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE. I wanted to know if there's any FAQ
> about installing GNOME, or some explanations on where can I look to see what
> has gone wrong.

In your home directory, have a look at .gnome-errors. It might give you some 
hints as to what's up. Otherwise, you can always create a .xsession file 
in your home directory containing "exec /usr/bin/X11/xterm" or whatever. If 
this doesn't work, your problem is most likely with X. 

If it does work, try running "gnome-session" and see what happens.

Grahame Bowland -

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