Re: Win32 port

Many programs already come with 3rd party stuff. Adobe's PDF reader for
example. It wouldnt be too hard for them to redistribute a dll.

On Wed, 7 Jun 2000, Anthony E. Greene wrote:

> At 13:14 2000-06-06 -0500, wrote:
> >There is one advantage to a windows port, but not the one you tryed to
> >make. Getting a nonpropriatary API onto windows for windows application
> >developers would be that benifit. Most application developers wont move to
> >linux yet due to 2 reasons. needing to learn a new set of api's, and the
> >dependency of windows. For a company (generally) to be able to make money,
> >the target OS is windows. undebatable fact. If they could code for
> >"Wingnome", they could take advantage of the superior/free/open API, and
> >still meat their target OS needs. 
> The problem with that argument is that Windows developers are developing
> for an API that is disributed by defaut on millions of computers. A
> Win-GNOME would not be distributed by default. It would have to be
> distributed as a third party API. Until Win-GNOME is installed on a
> significant fraction of Windows machines, there is no financial incentive
> for developers to target it.
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