Re: Application Idea

Tesla Gwynne did reply:

> > Basically, I want a single program that can easily enable all the
> > capabilities of my voice/fax/modem.
> [snipped three very different things]
> (Well, I think they're very different.) The reason this wonder-program
> doesn't exist is probably due to the unix philosopy of lots of little
> programs which each do one thing, well.

That's fine and dandy.  How about a graphical wrapper for those programs
that enable all the functions of a voice/fax/modem?  Basically, I've
noticed that almost every computer these days has these fancy modems and
no one is using them to their full potential.  Part of that problem must
be related to ease of setup.

> This is a very different approach from what I understand of Windows
> applications, which tend to be one single giant app. 


> I'm not saying either is better. I personally prefer the "lots of little 
> programs" because I can get inventive about which program I pipe the 
> results of then where I please, and I have the time to waste learning
> such things. Other people find the convenience of one overall program
> simpler. 
> But that's probably why your hoped-for program doesn't exist :) I can
> think of various apps that concern themselves with parts of what you're
> talking about, but none which do the lot.

If all these <DrEvil>mini</DrEvil> programs exist, it should be an easier
task to tie them all together in a general modem tool - a program that
controls anything modem related - be it setting up a dial-in ppp
connection to your ISP to recieving data calls to faxes to voicemail.  To
the desktop user, it appears to be one big program, but in reality, it is
a complex frontend for a multiple number of smaller programs.

R Jason Valentine			..ooOO

University of South Alabama, College of Medicine, Class of 2001
Alumni, Auburn University

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