Re: Where is Gnome help

On Mon, Jun 05, 2000 at 10:21:26AM +0100 or thereabouts, Haris Siakalis wrote:
> Hello,
> I am running Mandrake 7 and HelixGnome 1.2. I have downloaded all the
> files from HelixGnome but i still dont have the gnome-user help file. 
> Gnome tells me it cannot find or its not installed. Is it a separate 
> package? Where can i find it?

It is a separate package. It is called users-guide and you can find it
at or a mirror (use mirrors, they're faster :)) in either


Actually, there appears to be a more up to date copy in the second directory.

Even once you have installed it, however, gnome-help-browser may well
tell you it doesn't have it, because that's gnome-help-browser being
silly. Do you get an initial screen saying

    The user's guide isn't available yet. GNOME User's Guide
          Man Pages Info Pages GNOME Documents

If so, then you have the users guide and clicking on the "GNOME User's 
Guide" -should- work. The files should be living in 
$prefix/share/gnome/help/users-guide/C/ (or at least the 1.0 guide did), 
but I suppose they might be in gnome-users-guide or something for this one.

> Also when i login as a user the gmc loads much faster than login as a
> root. Can i make it faster as root? 

Don't know, sorry. Perhaps your root and other user have different
options set up for using gmc, and one is more memory-intensive or

> Also can i stop the message telling me that i am logged as root coming 
> from gmc?

#include "std.running-as-root-bad.h"

You shouldn't be using it as root routinely, because you shouldn't be
logged in as root routinely. That's why the message is there :) The
standard reply to this is "I know, I don't care, I just want the
message gone, I have backups, and I don't make mistakes typing." The 
standard response to this is, "You mean you haven't yet, and btw, how
often do you check the backup tape is not corrupted?" :) 

Someone did once mention a command line option that was reputedly able
to disable the message, but I have no idea if it works and I genuinely
don't know what it was. The only way I know of is to grab the source, 
remove the section involving that message, and recompile it. Which is 
probably much more effort than using a normal account and su'ing to 
root as necessary when you want to run root-like things.


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