Re: Enlightenment problem

Ben FrantzDale wrote:

| > I've just finished installing gnome from the latest source packages, and
| > after a few X sessions, and myself tweaking my personal settings,
| > enlightenment now refuses to start. I just get the "checkerboard" backdrop
| > with gmc and the panel displayed.
| >
| > A friend of mine recently did the same install a while ago, and I think
| > the only different packages were gnome-libs, mc, and a couple of the
| > ancilliary lib packages, and he hasn't had this problem.
| >From a terminal, run enlightenment and see what happens. If E starts, then
| try fiddling with the gnome control center Window Manager settings. Swithch
| to another WM and back and see if things return to normal...

I've now since found out that gnome-wm isn't running at all, which I
figure it should be. If I run it manually, then lo and behold,
enlightenment starts up. I think the problem is when I "save session",
gnome-wm doesn't get put in the session file for it to be restored on the
next X session. I looked in my ~/.gnome/session file and it wasn't in
there, but it *is* in the default /usr/local/share/gnome/default.session
file, so something is going wrong somewhere...

Any ideas appreciated


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