EsounD stalls Gnome-startup


When I try to run Gnome, the startup-process stalls for a minute or so
untill it continues and works just "fine" (including sound).

This only happens when I'm online. Offline there is no stalling.

One guy suggested I tried "export ESPEAKER=" before running Gnome.
This stopped the stalling, but in turn killed of the sound.

I'm running a bare/default FreeBSD 4.0-RELEASE upgraded to 4.0-STABLE.
Gnome etc. installed from the upgraded ports.

Made my own kernel from the default, only adding "device pcm". My soundcard
is a Soundblaster PCI 64.

Running userPPP as network, which works just perfect (if only dialup was so
easy on any system! ;-))

All in all a very basic installment with no novelties added or any strange

On a sidenote, which *might* be related to the above, the system has a
tendency to chop off the first bits of the sounds, so beeps etc. often do
not get played (through the speakers, anyway).


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