RE: Changing the login manager?

Hey Loyd

well ur question is not really specific, do u want to have a graphical login
window, if so the easiest way to do this is change to root an then use
linuxconf to change ur runlevel to 5, before this u will see the some other
runlevels, if u haven't played with runlevels yet, u'll have runlevel , how u
check this is just before ur system turns on all the processes u'll see message
like 'initlializing runlevel ---' this tells u whst run level u have, so let
s say that u have runlevel 3 right now go back to linuxconf and match all
the processes in runlevel 3 and 5 or turn on or off the ones u want, when u
change to runlevel 5 and exit out of linuxconf u will have graphical login

hope that helped

if u require further info on this matter contact me privately


On 15-Jul-2000 Loyd Goodbar wrote:
> I just installed the HelixCode GNOME programs, and want to use their login
> manager. Where do I change this? 
> Thanks!
> Loyd
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