Re: Is gnome-core-1.1.2 safe for the "ordinary" gnome user now?

On Mon, 31 Jan 2000, Paul Johnson wrote:

> The announcement of gnome-core-1.1.2 did not have warnings for users. 
> It does not say "avoid this unless you are a developer" or "this is
> still preliminary, don't try it unless you are determined".

Hmm, from my experience it works. And it has nice new toys to play with

> Does that mean it is OK for regular users to jump in?  Perhaps it is
> unspoken that ordinary users ought to wait for gnome-1.2?
> On the off chance that 1.1.2 is intended for regular users, can somebody
> answer me these questions.
> 1.  What is the upgrade path for me to get to gnome-core-1.1.2 and
> gnome-applets-1.1.2? 

Build then install new gnome-core, build and install
gnome-applets. Preferably from "out of X" (console), you don't know what
you might draw away from under your feet ;-).

> In particular, do I have to install any new modules, such as that bonobo
> thing, whatever thing is?


> 2. If somebody has RPMS of these necessary things that will install on
> RedHat 6.1, will you please share with me. I have compiled gnome before,
> know it is time consuming and appreciate your time and effort.  I've
> been frustrated in the past that the spec file provided in many gnome
> packages is not the "correct" one to build RPMS for RedHat, and if
> somebody has already sweated those details, I'd appreciate having the
> benefit of your experience.

Mailed it directly to you, didn't want to spam the list.

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