Is gnome-core-1.1.2 safe for the "ordinary" gnome user now?

The announcement of gnome-core-1.1.2 did not have warnings for users. 
It does not say "avoid this unless you are a developer" or "this is
still preliminary, don't try it unless you are determined".

Does that mean it is OK for regular users to jump in?  Perhaps it is
unspoken that ordinary users ought to wait for gnome-1.2?

On the off chance that 1.1.2 is intended for regular users, can somebody
answer me these questions.
1.  What is the upgrade path for me to get to gnome-core-1.1.2 and

In particular, do I have to install any new modules, such as that bonobo
thing, whatever thing is?

I currently have RPMs installed for the "newest" versions of
gnome-stuff, such as gtk+1.2.6  gnome-core-1.0.55 and gnome-libs-1.0.54,
installed in a RedHat 6.1 system. 

2. If somebody has RPMS of these necessary things that will install on
RedHat 6.1, will you please share with me. I have compiled gnome before,
know it is time consuming and appreciate your time and effort.  I've
been frustrated in the past that the spec file provided in many gnome
packages is not the "correct" one to build RPMS for RedHat, and if
somebody has already sweated those details, I'd appreciate having the
benefit of your experience.

Paul E. Johnson                       email:
Dept. of Political Science  
University of Kansas                  Office: (785) 864-9086
Lawrence, Kansas 66045                FAX: (785) 864-5700

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