Re: Slow GNOME

Hmmm - I think somebody reported such a problem before

I'm not quite sure on what they did, but I believe it entailed deleting 
the .ICEauthority or .Xauthority file - something like that...

Try that, as well as installing the new (stable) GNOME, and try removing 
your .gnome directory

On Sun, 30 Jan 2000, Rufus Cannon wrote:

> I recently installed Redhat 60.  The computer is homebrew K6-2
> based and I am booting redhat from floppy into a logical 
> partition.  The bootup process takes a while, like two minites,
> but its livable.
> But the GUI really takes a long time. I start X and GNOME from
> the command line.
> X Session takes 5 minutes to load after typing startx.
> GNOME GUI takes 45 minutes to load, that is before all the desktop icons
> taskbar and other pertinent windows form on the screen.  And once it is
> up some of the windows are slow to respond. 
> Has anyone ever had a slow GUI and corrected it?  If so, what can you 
> suggest that I look at, edit, correct, etc.?
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