StarOffice and gnome


I have just installed StarOffice on my Slackware system, but I have
having a few problems.  I naively expected to be able to drag a file
from gmc to staroffice to open it, but it fails.  It gives me an error
message about not being able to open the file "file:/path/to/file". 
Apparently staroffice doesn't like the url-type information it gets from

I even tried to make a symlink file: -> / in my home dir, so it could
open the url as a file, but then staroffice just hang.

Are somebody else using staroffice and gnome together?  Do I need to do
anything special.

BTW, I installed staroffice from Suse rpms, which I converted to
slackware tgz (with rpm2tgz), which I then unpacked manually.  I might
have botched somewhere, but in general staroffice works ok. It only
crashes when I drag weird objects on top of it.

René Seindal (

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