Screen resolution problem

Hi lists members,

I have this problem related to a redhat 6.1
installation we made, along with GNOME, on our
machine at the office, which duals boots with
Windows 98.

The problem is that the desktop resolution is
very low, as in something like 640x480, even
though the monitor easily manages 1024*768 on win
98. Could someone please tell me how, or where
the documentation is for changing this resoltion
? During the installation, the monitor and
graphics card was recognised successfully. (FYI,
these are as follows : Iilyama TXA 3611/3621HT,
with the graphics adapter as : Prolite 36, Rage

The small resoltution not only means that colour
does not render properly on the desktop, but also
that sometimes the size of screens (e.g.
linuxconf) is bigger than the size of the desktop

Any help would appreciated folks.


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