Re: Thoughts on Nautilus

On Sun, 9 Jan 2000, Matthias Warkus wrote:

> First of all, thanks to the crew for making such great progress on
> Nautilus. There are a couple of thoughts by me on this neat
> application.
> 1. Don't make this a clone of Windows 98's IE-"enhanced" Explorer. It
>    looks like it's going that way.
> 2. Don't make it a clone of Konqueror, either. 8)
> 3. Does "hyperbola" really display a hyperbolic treeview or is it just
>    a fancy name for a component? If the second is the case, I think
>    there should be a hyperbolic treeview. That would be a very nice
>    feature and so far I know of no file manager that features one.
> 4. Maybe Nautilus should be able to use any kind of Bonobo component
>    as a "view". You could edit Gnumeric spreadsheets or other documents
>    inline, inside the Nautilus view pane. For someone who wants to add
>    finishing touches to twenty files without popping windows up all
>    the time, this could be a killer feature.

Been thinking about this. With bonobo, is there even any reason anymore to
have a base app and then embed stuff into it? aka, have gnumeric as a
stand alone app that can embed other bonobo objects into itself?
Why not create a standard bonobo file format, and use the file manager as
the base. then, you just gota double click a bonobo file in the file
manager and it comes up inside with all the embedables in place. (just an

> 5. Does it handle Gnome help URLs yet? I wasn't able to get at any
>    help page.
> mawa
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