Re: PPP Dialer dials twice and very slow to connect

On 28 Feb 2000, Robert Krueger wrote:
> Date: 28 Feb 2000 19:39:58 -0000
> To: Gnome Mail <>
> From: Robert Krueger <>
> Subject: PPP Dialer dials twice and very slow to connect
> Hello,
>   My RH PPP dialer in Gnome works, and establishes a connection
> eventually, but it usually fails on the first dial attempt, and has to
> redial before getting a solid connection.
> Switching to KDE and the KPPP dialer does not exhibit similar problems,
> it works as expected.    This may mean nothing, but it dials extremely
> fast.

I have a somewhat similiar problem when using the RH PPP dialer, or good
old ppp scripts.  However, the only way I can establish a connection is by
using the kppp dialer, my modem always hangs up after handshaking when
using ifup ppp0.

My question: is there a dialer as good as kppp in the works for Gnome, one
that is able to override bad configurations or problems such as these?

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