Weird thing happening


    There is a misterious problem with some gnome-icons.
    I'm upgrading my gnome for the lastest version, but now some of the
menu icons and the buttons icons are just some garbage. The text is OK.
    Well, I made avaliable a "window"shot of the problem at (118,7 kb). The
verison of the shot is 1.0.55, but I also tryed 1.0.56 and the same
thing happened.

There is a list of versions I am using:

OS -> FreeBSD 3.1
XFree 3.3.6 (SVGA server)
libpng 1.0.5 (compiled without optimization)
glib 1.2.7 (without optimization)
gtk+ 1.2.7
imlib 1.9.8 (without optimization)
ImageMagic 5.1.1
gnome-libs 1.0.55/1.0.56 (with and without optimization)

Thanks for the patience,

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