Re: First log in, do you want to start another panel

I assume you are using gnome-core 1.0.56.  I am getting a similar
problem.  I panel does not get displayed.  Instead, I get the question
about starting up another panel (it says one is already running, but
none is showing).  If I say no, then no panel is displayed.  If I say
yes, then the panel is shown, but is unusable (no applets show up and
mouse-clicking on it does not cause any response.

Also, after installing 1.0.56, my default window manager (E) did not
display.  Instead, I got Sawmill.  My Gnome Control Panel showed 
that E was still my window manager.  I then switch to Sawmill and then
back to E.  Now, E starts up successfully.


Derek Simkowia wrote:
> > I have no panels before this window pops up.  If I say yes, I want to
> > start another panel, then it goes away and I have my one and only panel
> > showing.  If I say no, then it keeps asking me if I want to start
> > another panel.
>         I got this when I tried using a window manager other than E.
> --Derek
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