Re: How do I stop Gnome looking for IP address on boot-up? (fwd)

Norman Stevens wrote:

: The ISP-Hookup howto contains the following:
: "A certain minimum of configuration will also be required in
:    /etc/hosts. Most users will be able to manage with:
:       localhost
:         roderick
:    Those with a fixed IP-address will obviously replace with
:    that."
: I used that configuration for about a year without any problems
: until I installed gnome. After changing the for
: I have had no problems with gnome or anything else.

You may not have had problems before now, but that configuration is still
incorrect. should only be used by certain softwares in special
circumstances. (BOOTP for example.) Even if you were using BOOTP I don't
think you need in /etc/hosts! If you add your local hostname to
the entry your problems should go away. For example at home I
have:	sidewinder localhost localhost.localdomain

sidewinder being my hostname, and being my ISP's domain. I had
the same problem until I added those names to the

	   - A

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