I have just installed the above along with gdk-pixbuff,bonobo-0.7,
gnome-libs1.0.55 and I have an annoying problem and one or two queries

Problem - Since installing on top of a RH6.1 running gnome 1.0.39 Control
center doesn't work. That is to say it loads up but none of the capplets
show up. There may be other related problems which I have not found yet.
Other pertinent details are Sawmill-0.23, kernel-2.3.42 (stable on my

Queries (which I think may be linked) Is there any way that I can get rid of
imlib, gnome-core/applets-1.0.39. Getting rid of the rpms has hairy results.

Under the new gnome (which is nice) all of the applets appear as launchers
on the panel rather than programs and I have to click to get things like the
pager to work. I can't think of any obvious way to get them to work

BTW gnome-core/applets was installed with the following config line.
./configure --prefix=/usr --disable-debug --with gdk-pixbuff
--with-gnome-libs --with-bonobo.

Lastly anyone know if there are tarballs anywhere for evolution and nautilus

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