Re: getting back into X

yes sorry I did mean init 3 and init 5 (still not getting used to this case
sensitive thing).  Didn't know about the killall X

thing - thanks for the info

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> > To restart your X system type Init 3 <return> then Init 5 <return>
> [dereks@localhost dereks]$ Init 3
> bash: Init: command not found
> (I think he meant "init 3" and "init 5")
> This would switch you from "runlevel 5", the "X-Window System"
> level, to "runlevel 3", the "Multiuser but no X" level.
> This would change your runlevel, but it's a much better idea to
> keep your system at runlevel 3 and simply kill X, and then restart it:
> killall X
> startx
> Type "man init" for more documentation about init and runlevels.
> Unfortunately, these assume you can get to a terminal.  So if you
> have a hardware problem (such as a frozen 3Dfx card or X is flipping out
> because it can't detect a fscking mouse) you're screwed.  Unless, of
> course, you can telnet to your box and shutdown gracefully.
> --Derek

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