Re: GNOME pager: Moving windows between desktops

Toralf Lund wrote:
> I've asked this question before, but I didn't get a satisfactory answer,
> so I'll try again:
> Is there a pager for GNOME that will allow me to move windows from one
> virtual desktop to another, using drag & drop or otherwise?
> Someone claimed earlier that this was possible in the desk guide applet,
> but I can't get this to work. I tried installing gnome-core 1.1.2 just
> to see if the pager had changed, but apparently it hadn't.

I don't get this to work with Gnome either.  What window manager are you

The E pager does this and very well.  You can move windows from pager
desktop to pager desktop.  One thing I liked was that you can actually
pick a window from the pager and drop it on the REAL current desktop.

Until later: Geoffrey

I'm afraid there will be more problems with W2K then there were with

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