RE: Desktop background

> All configuration that is currently slit between WM and GNOME
> should be handled by GNOME. The WM spec would have to hash out
> all the details then the WM would have to get the information
> from gnome (is that what's corba is for?).

	This issue has only been rehashed about a million times on the
various Gnome mailing lists.

	It's interesting to note that, because of all the GNOME WM "Spec"
features that are necessary, combined with the fact that most WMs try to
create an entire desktop environment of their own, we now find ourselves
in a position where we have a single WM that is the unofficial 'Gnome' WM
(Sawmill) that is being designed around the Gnome requirements.

	Seems like it would have been much easier to do from the very
beginning, if you ask me.


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