Some Evolution bugs

I recently installed the latest Evolution along with all the latest
required support programs.

It complied with problems on a Slackware box. I found a few quirks when
playing with it.

One is when you have the mail app open and you click on the inbox (which
allows one to display all the mailboxes) and try to hoz resize it the bar
does not release it self. This is repeatable.

Second: once you have displayed all the mailboxes and try to click
outside to another window (a different app), the mailbox listing revert
back to their previous setting and the window (evolution) is still has
control of the pointer.

Third: When using the composer and trying to compose a email the cursor
is not tracking correctly, it looks to be about a tab or two ahead of the
text, also when trying to delete or backspace it overwrites other chars.
This is repeatable.

other then ttha it looks pretty good.


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