Re: Memory Issues

Dmitri Pogosyan wrote:
> Interesting, Gnome applications tend to be memory bloated
> (it is noticeable comparing gnome applets with WindowMaker ones),
> but part of the memory is shared and gnome contribution is not that
> important
> for large applications.
> Be carefull, that you do not add separate thread memory usage together
> when reporting
> multithreaded applications - all threads use the same memory !
> I have 128 MB machine, and I never see problems reported. I can
> happily run
> Netscape + Galeon (for fun, simultaniously, to compare memory usage)
> + xmms,
> Netscape + StarOffice (swaps a bit), all under gnome/sawfish.
> Netscape takes ~ 30 MB, galeon ~ 20 MB, xmms ~ 5-8 MB, StarOffice, if
> I remember
> near 50MB.   Actually I never seen swap utilised by more than
> 20% (20MB) on my machine
> I have failry clean service startup, but all unsed service are swaped anyway,
> and I do run sendmail/thttpd/samba/sshd/lpd

Generally I find most of the memory problems caused here are memory
having visited multiple sites, loading several pages and using several
windows at the same time.

Currently I find Netscape 4.76 the best of the bunch but visit some
with Java etcc and it can soon creap up to 70MB+ This is all leaked
so the swap file just takes care of it until it usually crashes after a

Kevin Pearcey

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