Re: Memory Issues

Interesting, Gnome applications tend to be memory bloated
(it is noticeable comparing gnome applets with WindowMaker ones),
but part of the memory is shared and gnome contribution is not that important
for large applications.

Be carefull, that you do not add separate thread memory usage together when reporting
multithreaded applications - all threads use the same memory !

I have 128 MB machine, and I never see problems reported. I can happily run
Netscape + Galeon (for fun, simultaniously, to compare memory usage) + xmms,
Netscape + StarOffice (swaps a bit), all under gnome/sawfish.
Netscape takes ~ 30 MB, galeon ~ 20 MB, xmms ~ 5-8 MB, StarOffice, if I remember
near 50MB.   Actually I never seen swap utilised by more than 20% (20MB) on my machine

I have failry clean service startup, but all unsed service are swaped anyway,
and I do run sendmail/thttpd/samba/sshd/lpd

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