Re: Helix gnome bug

Ian Peters wrote:

> On Thu, Aug 31, 2000 at 11:46:38AM +0100, wrote:
> > Hi
> > For the first time I installed Helix gnome (ie: the full works) rather than
> > installing from source.
> > The problem I came across is that one of the checks that the installer does
> > is to check the distribution installed. Unfortunately it does this on the
> > basis of checking a (very small) list against what is in ..version in /etc.
> > If it doesn't match it bombs.
> > I run definite linux on one of my PC's and knew enough to alter this.
> > HOwever - Helix gnome is aimed at fairly newbie people so I think this
> > should be altered or at least provde a FAQ or something about it.
> Hi Mike,
> The Helix GNOME installer and updater do indeed check for
> characteristic files from the different distributions we support to
> decide what packages to download and install on your system.  If
> the programs are unable to determine your distribution, they will
> abort.  This is because they are not supported distributions.  There
> is more to the packaging we do than just renaming the RPM's, and this
> requires us to test each and every distribution we provide support
> for.
> I'm glad you were able to make your system work, but this is not
> something we support.  For the non-hacker users we are trying to make
> GNOME easy for, it would be wrong for us to attempt to install on a
> distribution we haven't tested for.  For this reason, our tools will
> continue to check for supported distributions, and if you want to
> circumvent these checks, you'll have to do so by hand.
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> Ian Peters
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sorry. i must reply-all
so when will these other distros be "supported"???

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