Re: eog-0.4 - build error

* Federico Mena Quintero ( wrote at 19:07 on 28/08/00:
> Paul Barnfather <> writes:
> > I am getting the following error building eog-0.4 on Solaris:
> >
> > full-screen.c:214: too many arguments to function `gconf_client_remove_dir'
> > 
> > I have GConf-0.8 installed. What did I miss?
> You have include files from an older GConf installed.  Make very sure
> you erase them before installing gconf-0.8.
> The installation scheme for GConf was screwed up between 0.6 and 0.8;
> unfortunately you'll have to carefully uninstall the old version by
> hand :-(
> Also, once you get it to build, make sure you are running the right
> daemon.  When you run EOG make sure you have a process called
> "gconfd-1"; if you have one with a different name, it means you still
> have an old daemon or oafid files lying around.

What you probably will need to do is this:
go into /usr/include/gconf and remove all files
go into /usr/share/oaf and 'rm gconf*'
go into /usr/bin and 'rm gconf*'

Know reinstall the latest GConf. 

Yes you can remove only certain files (so you don't have to re-install GConf)
but I don't feel like explaining it.


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