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I have SuSE 6.3, Helix, but this may help:

a) open the file gdm.conf in /var/X11R6/lib/gdm and edit the display line in
the [servers] group (in my case, near thend of the file) so that it points
to the vt07 console:

0=/usr/bin/X11/X vt07

At least in SuSE 6.3, the vt07 is reserved to the X server, when loggin in
runlevel 3.

b) make sure that /var/lib/gdm belong to user gdm group gdm, mode 0750
(SuSEconfig does change it to user gdm group shadow whenever I
install/uninstall something via Yast)

Hope this helps.


On 28-Aug-00 Rolando Roman wrote:
> login into run level 3  gdm loging i cant type nothing on the login screen 
> ideas?
> suse 6.4
> helix
>  -- 
> Rolando Roman
> Linux
> 10:00pm up 2:34, 6 users, load average: 2.39, 2.19, 1.82
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