RE: serious problem--help

It sounds like you run as root all the time. That is you
first and biggest mistake. It caused some
of the problems your having. I suspect there is no
fix for your current situation as files have been deleted
by your actions. If the worst you got was losing your preferences
you got off easy.

To prevent in future
2) if you must run as root to fix something try not to run X
3) If you system locks up try hitting SHIFT-CTRL-F2 to get to 
another screen so you can kill X. (assuming you could not shut down
another way).

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> Sent: Sunday, August 06, 2000 5:23 PM
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> Subject: serious problem--help
> I had a problem were I had to hit reset on the box (I now 
> that is bad to start)
> When rebooting filesystem failed so i had to run fsck.  It 
> seemed to fix a lot
> of things (like 100 or more)  Then I rebooted and when I 
> logged in it said "no
> /root directory"  and bash$ came up.  I tried to start x but 
> it said couldn't find
> root directory.  So trying to be creative I did  "mkdir 
> /root"  that allowed me
> into X.  All of my programs are still there but they are 
> acting as if I am
> running them for the first time...can someone explain what 
> happened or even better
> how to fix it??
> thanks
> Rob
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