Directed Development

One of the thing about gnome that I don't like
is the selection of games (although not limited to that
software category). I think the collection has too many
games that don't appeal to many people IMO. I think
this is because gnome and helix just gather what is out
there and package it. The result is random collection of games.

What I think would be better is if gnome decided that its
game package should contain x,y,z. For instance lets say 
the power that be decide that the following would make a nice
game package, items in () are for instance.

2-3 card games, (solitaire, hearts, blackjack)
1-2 gambling games (slots, casino games)
3+ classic games (backgammon, chess, checkers)
1 rpg game  (Gnome Hack)
2 arcade like games (Tetris, asteroids)

Then once the list is made a group is form to fulfill the need.

I also think it would be nice if the games were packaged in smaller
packages according to category. So I would only install card games
if that is what I wanted.

I some of the existing games that are not of general appeal of
are more of one time joke than game (xbill comes to mind) could
be in a separate package.

I think this would be a good improvement. Filling a need rather than
packaging what is currently available.

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