Re: root user warning

>You also can't make a cake without breaking a few eggs.  I dunno about
>the others, but I joined this list to learn.  I may learn things the easy
>way or the hard way.  Doesn't matter to me.  Even a step backward is a step
>forward when you're capable of learning from your mistakes.  If you don't
>want to tell him, or you simply don't know yourself, fine.  There's no need

>From what I know, the only way is to touch the code. As with the fonts.
Maybe Nautilus (I hope they find a better way, btw, like a switch or
password requester or something).

>to unload on him just for wanting to learn.  Birds can't fly if you don't
>let'em out of the nest, and most guys will hospitalize guys like you if you
>insist on playing mommy and try breast-feeding them... :]

Mommy? I have played mommy too much it seems.

Last example:
"My PC says that it can not boot."
"Tried with a floppy?"
"Yes, but C:\ can not be accessed, only A:\."
"Rare HD sounds?"
"Yes, clicks... but how do I get my things back?"
"Do you have a backup?"
"Well, I have the original CDs."
"I mean backup of your business data, not the programs."
"Eeh, ooh! No."
"What I told you about backups?"

That is also a typical mommy scene. You give advice and he does not follow
it (so he learns the hard way things others already know). If at least they
learned the hard way things that nobody knows, instead if repeating old
errors. /me goes to buy a full kevlar suit, just in case somebody tries to
clean another loaded weapon. ;]

Conclusion: GNOME needs to hide (abstract, make easy) lot of things. I now
understand Icaza's phrases in latest LinuxExpo about Macs, date command and


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