Running nautilus, gconfd and oafd

I thought it might be cool to see if I could be nautilus running. I've got
nautilus and all it's dependencies built. Before I start complaining about
error messages, can someone enlighten me on how I'm supposed the configure and
run the daemons and start nautilus? The doucumentation on gconf is very good
about what it does. I'm just ignorant about how it make it do all that
wonderful stuff.

At the moment when I get,

Trying dir /usr/local/developmental/share/oaf
sh: syntax error near unexpected token `(n'
sh: -c: line 1: `cp -R (null) /root/.nautilus/top'

** WARNING **: could not execute 'cp -R (null) /root/.nautilus/top'.  Make
sure you typed 'make install'

** ERROR **: file nautilus-file-utilities.c: line 155
(nautilus_user_top_directory): should not be reached
Abort (core dumped)

Before I trace down what's going wrong, I'd like to know if I'm doings it
right in the first place.


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