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"jack wallen, jr" <> writes:

> i'm currently working on a review of Red Hat 6.2 and i can't seem to
> remember which version of GNOME shipped with 6.1.  in fact is there's a
> time line or if someone could tell me which versions shipped with 6.0 and
> 6.1 i'd appreciate it!

Well, 6.1 basically shipped with an October GNOME beta, while 6.2
shipped with Octoober GNOME (plus some bug fixes).  There wasn't really
much change, other than bug fixes.

> FYI: what this section of the review is trying to point out is how much
> quicker the GNOME team is deploying new versions over KDE (6.1 shipped
> with 1.1.2 as did 6.2)

I am not so sure that this is a great example of this, as the 6.1 and 6.2
GNOME are basically the same too...

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