Re: remove the pesky kde menu from gnome?

Ben FrantzDale wrote:
> It seems like this problem has come up before. That would suggest that
> perhaps the UI needs thinking about. It does make perfect sense that the
> menu editor would edit the menu. (It does but not in this way.) Perhaps
> those dialogs could be combined?
> --Ben

Well, the UI Hit Squad's current thinking is to do away with the "on
menu, in submenu, off" method of handling the foot menu in favor of a
better gmenu and a much better method for handling the foot menu's

We want to have it so the foot menu's contents are listed in
~/.gnome/menu, which then has symlinks to the KDE, RedHat, Debian menus,
as well as symlinks to all the various items in
/usr/share/gnome/menu/apps (we[*] would like to change that location as
well for GNOME 2.0, so 2.0 can have a new menu tree without messing up
the existing 1.x applications), and a .separator file. Then all we have
to do is make the menu editor point to that dir and fix it's bugs. No
fuss, no mess, and a vastly improved menu config arch, without any
really new code.

    Jim Cape

    "Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them
     pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened."
        -- Winston Churchill

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