Drawer bug in 1.0.40?

Has anyone other than me seen the following with the new release? 
When I restarted Gnome after rebuilding (details below) if I put a drawer
onto the panel, there seems to be no way to put anything in the drawer.
Clicking on the drawer makes the "opening" noise, but no drawer extends
(like it used to), and any attempt to drag a launcher onto it places a
second copy of the launcher on the panel. 
I rebuilt all of gnome except for gnome-python and Gtk-- (since I didn't
have them before) and gdm (didn't spend the effort to fix the spec file). 
For each tarball I did an "rpm -tb" and then upgraded to the resulting rpm
before moving on to the next tarball. All built fine with the "rpm -tb"
except for libgtop and mc (the specs were a little off on those) and gdm
(which I decided to do without since it seemed like the spec file was way
off in left field)
Manuel A. McLure KE6TAW <mmt@unify.com>

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