Re: removing menu items

On Fri, Sep 10, 1999 at 07:24:13PM -0300 or thereabouts, Ryan Alexander Neily wrote:
>    From the panel I have the pop-up menu. At present I don't have any 
> games on my box but have the games menu item reading `empty'. I can't find 
> anywhere in the documentation how to remove this games menu item. This is 
> just something to take care of as I make gnome and Enlightenment more my 
> own. Any pointers will be appreciated.

I assume you don't have gnome-games installed, then?

It took me a while to work this one out. Because right-clicking on the
menu itself gives some options (which categories are on the main menu),
I expected editing the rest of the menu to be accessible from there, too.

To edit the menu, what you actually want is System Menu -> Settings -> 
Menu Editor. You will probably need to be root if you want to change 
system menu settings. (In the menu editor, you click on the line in
question (single click highlights that entry, double-click shows you
any sub-categories in it) and then hit delete and reassure the dialogue
box that yes, you meant to do that, really you did.)

Having said that, I strongly recommend installing gnome-games :)


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